Brand Deep Dive Workshops

Take your brand to a new level.


Any great designer will tell you they don’t just make things pretty, they solve problems. Understanding your business, where you sit amongst your competitors in the marketplace, and your customers is a crucial part of succeeding in today’s hyper-competitive business climate.
We’ll help you understand your business’ personality, your customers, and help you put together a roadmap for how to reach them.

What we cover in
the workshop

Brand Archetype

We’ll dig deep into the personality of your brand. Customers want to interact and buy from brands with which they can relate. Personsifying your brand will help create understanding of who you are and how to serve your ideal customers.

User Personas

These aren’t your average customer questions only tapping into age and income. We go deep into their everyday life, family, preferences, and their favorite brands to really understand what makes these customers tick.

Brand Voice Matrix

Voice and copy can be the most overlooked piece of branding. The brand voice matrix is a lens that will help you write consistent, on-brand content. 

Storybrand Brand Script

Author Donald Miller wrote the book Storybrand to help businesses communicate clearly and effeciently. This script helps us clearly outline who the customer is, where you come along in their journey, and how to call them to action.

Mission & Brand Values

Businesses exist to solve customers problems. We’ll touch on your mission and values to asess why your business was formed, and why you care about who you serve.

The clear benefits of
refocusing your brand.

Gain Perspective

Thinking about your business through a new lense in a new perspective can be ground breaking in closing the gap between where your business is, and where you want it to go.

Sieze Market Opportunities

Reassessing your current and potential customers can show market gaps not yet capitalized on in your industry. Don’t be left reacting, start being proactive.

Low Risk Investment

The workshop is a incredibly cost effective way to gain more insight into the current state of your brand, and can give you peace of mind when entering into larger branding projects

Think Outside-The-Box

This workshop intentionally challenges the way you think about your business. We guide you through the process with new, fresh, unbiased persective to help you get the most out of your business.

Develop A Plan

Unlike most marketing agencies who will give you a to-do list and send you out to figure it out, we’ll help you develop a plan of action to achieve the goals or opportunities we uncover.

Is your brand
holding you back?

What you’ll recieve after
the workshop

A Discovery Document

All the discoveries and information we accumulate during the workshop is put into a pdf document that is easy for you to refer back to at any point.

Workshop Worksheets

We’ve developed a custom worksheet document that follows the workshop framework and allows you to go back to the material and reassess at any time.

A Plan of Action

We compile a list of recommendations for you to build a better brand, and include a step by step plan so you can create the best fit for your timeline and budget.

Are you ready to see the returns of investing in your brand?