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When I met the amazing team at Structur Design + Interiors they were operating under the name Dream Home Drafting. Garrett spent seven years building an incredible drafting business focused on creating inviting spaces for families that aren’t just houses, but homes.

Due to his success, it was time for the business to grow. His wife Jenna was preparing to come on board giving customers access to high quality interior design and even real estate services. This new direction needed a new business name, brand strategy, and visual identity to reach a new type of customer.

Our first priority after the brand strategy workshop was a new name. In our Brand Deep Dive we mapped out new user personas to ensure every decision we made was with their aspirational client in mind. We also chose new brand archetypes to get very specific about the qualities the new brand would exude.

Garrett and Jenna’s only preferences were the new name would be one word, simple, and memorable. After narrowing the ideas to the top five we settled on Structur.

The name is simple and powerful. It gives a clear indication of what they offer their customers, and changing the spelling makes it unique and memorable.


Once we had a new name in place it was time to develop a new visual identity. During this process we created a new logo, developed standards for typography, color scheme, and visual design style.

This identity is definitely less is more. Our goal was to develop an indemnity that felt up-scale and luxurious, but not unapproachable. We implemented a timeless, black and gold color palette to better communicate the style of their work and appeal to the new target audience.

With the new visual identity in place we started to implement the new look into Structur’s brand collateral. We started with providing a brand guide to clearly list all our findings and decisions. This guide is like a north star as they continue to build their brand.

The application of the new identity spans all types of sizes, formats, and mediums from business cards, to signage, and even custom proposals for clients.

We also put together a new brand video to annouce the name change and new services they provide. 

One of the most important pieces of the new brand we created was the website. The new site is really the engine that powers the new brand. We worked hard to reimagine their copy and brand voice to clearly communicate with their new aspirational customer.

The sleek, minimal design fits perfectly in sync with the style of the homes they design. The minimal application stays out of the way and let’s their work shine.

One of the biggest advances in the site over the previous is building and integrating custom online survey forms that were previously make-shift pdfs. Creating a streamlined capture sequence has kept them more organized, benefited their customer’s purchase journey, and save them their most valuable asset, time.

“Wildfire was able to take our ideas and run with them. They were really creative and came up with ideas that we loved. Beforehand, we spent months trying to come up with a name with nothing to show for it, so it was invaluable for us to have them. It’s well worth every dollar. They’re such a huge part of our company.”

Jenna Friesen

Interior Designer | Structur Design + Interiors

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